Spirit What's On




Welcome to my web site. The reason for this web site was to inform others about the spiritual events around the Thanet and other areas to start off with. I hope to extend this further out. An online diary of events

When the web site is fully up and running it will be updated regularly. Most of the web sites I have looked at are not kept up to date. My mission is to give you a selection of different event so you can have a choice. To pass on the spiritual message. I am myself a spiritualist and have been involved for about 13 years; I still class myself as a beginner as we never know it all we can all learn from others.

If you find this web site interesting and informative then please pass it on to others. If you are a church or spiritual centre or just carrying out circles in your home and would like others to find you please email me and I will be happy to add you to my web site ( email : graham@spiritwhatson.com). This I offer free. I am hoping that as the web site takes off I will be able to fund it by adding mediums that wish to advertise on my site, I will give them a page on the site offering their services at a reasonable rate. This way it helps the mediums doing private readings help them and allow us to continue to expand and pay for the up keep of the web site.


If you are a medium that would like to advertise, then please email me for prices, if you decide to advertise i will need you to provide you with information about yourself and cost and also a photo. email graham@spiritwhatson.com


I will advertise you diary of events for free of charge. Provided that you email or send me up to date diary of events and information. My commitment to others is to keep the site up to date. So i will need you help to achieve this.