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Ria Baxter

Clairvoyant Medium

Picture RiaMy name is Ria Dalton & I am a 29 year old Psychic Clairvoyant Medium. I have had psychic experiences ever since I can remember really & have been giving readings professionally for the last 11 years +. It is something that I feel very strongly about & am very committed & passionate about.

I am very fortunate & can both see & hear spirit when they come close. I meditate weekly & will often attend church or other psychic events within Thanet. I am not professionally trained, although I work closely with my spirit guide & loved ones that have passed. I have also been known to have psychic premonissions. My birthdays in March, which makes me a Pisces.

The readings I give are 30 minutes long & I charge £20.00 for each booking. I meditate before the reading starts & say a prayer to those working with me & around me. I will talk to my client before I read for them, this may mean that I need to reassure or comfort them before the reading begins. All readings can be recorded on cassette tape at the extra cost of £1.00. Most people prefer their session to be taken in private, but you are more than welcome to bring along a friend or relative for moral support & a hand to hold, if you so wish!

I also do a 'Party Booking!' This is where a client will book more than two, but less than 5 readings in one evening. This will usually take place in the comfort of the clients home. Each reading will then be given at the discounted price of £15.00, with the availability of their session being recorded on cassette tape for the extra cost of £1.00.

I am currently performing on platform & stages around Thanet. If you are interested in a reading or would just like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me via email on: readingswithria@hotmail.co.uk

Or alternatively you can call me personally, on: 07731 683583.
Facebook group: readings with Ria.

Kind regards,