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North Down Spiritual Center


Northdown Spiritual Centre

We are here to prove the survival of life after death and we will do this at our clairvoyant demonstrations, which are held weekly, and at all private sittings.

We hold Circles from beginners to advanced levels and this includes a Healing & Clairvoyant Circle every Tuessday morning. You are encouraged to improve your mediumship by doing one to one sittings with invited guests between 11.15 and 12.30. This circle is for sitters who can get a spirit link and give some evidence & message from loved ones. If you are a beginner and wish to advance your mediumship then join our beginners group (details on application).

Healing is available every day by appointment and this includes animals.

Our private sittings are with mediums who have been trained at the Centre and we can also offer Tarot readings These need to be booked in advance. We also offer sittings with visiting Mediums.

Please contact me for further details or advice or any questions at Kay.Austin@sky.com or phone and ask for Kay on 01843 297665 for full details.